U.S. Embassy

KCCT planned and designed conversion of an existing office building to an Embassy using a purchase/design/build delivery. The Istak building is a small award winning campus designed by Danish architects KHR arkitekter AS. It was constructed by the largest contractor in Iceland in 2003 as their headquarters. The four level, 31,000 GSF building and its adjoining 11,000 GSF underground parking garage easily accommodate the space requirements of this small embassy. The project upgrades the site and building for the Embassy while preserving the distinctive architectural quality of the existing facility. 
The scope of work incudes site perimeter upgrades, an access control building, interior renovations to provide U.S. Embassy infrastructure building physical security, interior renovations, seismic retrofits, fire and life safety improvements, and new MEP, telecommunications, and technical security infrastructure.



Reykjavik, Iceland


21,500 GSF






• Architecture
• Master Planning
• Security
• Construction Administration
• Interior Design