When we established KCCT more than 30 years ago, we aimed for a balanced practice focused on private, institutional, and government clients. Since then, KCCT has evolved into an international design firm. Our architecture services range from designing new diplomatic complexes that require sophisticated planning, repurposing vintage buildings, and restoring historic structures to designing major metropolitan transportation systems. KCCT has also completed projects on more than 150 of the 275 American diplomatic posts around the world.

In urban environments, our firm excels at integrating new buildings with existing structures to craft unique designs with a sense of harmony and unity. We are as comfortable working in a remote corner of the world to conceive a sustainable campus as we are working in the monumental core of Washington, D.C. to preserve a national historic landmark. KCCT’s diverse portfolio spans geographic regions including the tropics, tundra, rainforest, and desert. Our team considers every project a fresh challenge, and we strive to respond with the highest quality professional services.