We are one of the most experienced design firms in the world at creating comprehensive secure environments. With more than three decades of experience and high level security clearances, KCCT planned and designed the security of dozens of facilities in the Washington, DC region and in over 160 cities abroad including major civic projects, diplomatic facilities, and training facilities. Our experience features diplomatic, military, intelligence, and civil defense projects for the U.S. government and security upgrades to commercial, educational, and transportation facilities. A significant portion of the United States diplomatic core, the vanguard of our efforts to provide peace and security worldwide, are housed in facilities designed by KCCT. Likewise, some of the most elite security forces in the country are trained at facilities designed by KCCT.

We strive to protect public buildings and the people who serve in them at home and abroad, while maintaining design excellence. From our deep understanding of the principles of multi-layer security, we can achieve a seamless and elegant integration of security requirements with landscape and architecture. 

KCCT expertise includes:

  • Risk/Cost Assessments
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Physical Security
  • Blast Protection
  • Anti-terrorism and Force Protection
  • Technical Security
  • Emanations Security
  • Chemical and Biological Filtration
  • SCIFs