KCCT Interiors is a full service interiors department specializing in programming, space planning and interior design with a specialized focus on the diplomatic and public sectors. The Interiors staff is comprised of interior architects and interior designers that are available for specific project tasks as determined by project requirements and the designer’s expertise. KCCT Interiors is an association of individuals who have committed their talents to providing the highest quality of services in interior design.

KCCT has developed a customized database specifically designed for programming diplomatic and public sector projects. The database contains fields based on Federal Property Management Regulations (FPMR) space types, in addition to fields for adjacencies and for Personnel, Support, Special and Storage spaces, and for equipment requirements. The database can be used in two ways:

  • to provide an Space Situation Summary that includes a survey of existing personnel, space and equipment, or
  • to provide a Space Requirements Report that is a needs assessment of projected personnel, space and equipment requirements.

The database provides a baseline year for recording existing requirements and four additional data dates for recording projected requirements.