U.S. Embassy

Located within the high-end residential neighborhood of Dedinje, adjacent to the historic King’s Palace complex, the site falls within the jurisdiction of the Serbian Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage, a reviewing agency which demands a high level of excellence in design. The design of the Chancery, the most prominent and defining building within the embassy campus, responds to a progressive, forward looking ideology in Serbia. Marble and granite façades feature subtle variations in stone sizes, textures and rhythm to delineate the volumetric massing of the building. The entrance façade, canopies and shading devices  consist of fine metal detailing that create a more intimate and refined sense of scale. The project is LEED® Certified, obtaining credits in Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, and Indoor Environmental Quality.





Belgrade, Serbia



10,239 GSM


Framaco International and Louis Berger Group, Inc.


U.S. Department of State




• Architecture
• Master Planning
• Sustainable Design
• Security
• Construction Administration
• Interior Design
• Programming