U.S. Embassy

The existing US Embassy occupies a central location in Brasilia’s embassy sector near the Federal Ministries and other primary governmental buildings. The 12-acre site supports a Chancery, a consular section, and other ancillary structures, to include recreation facilities, a warehouse, and three Compound Access Control (CAC) buildings. The new Embassy on this legacy site will be distributed throughout several new structures, including a new Chancery, a warehouse, a recreation pavilion, housing, and a parking structure. Construction will be sequenced to allow continued operation of the existing facility during construction on this active campus. KCCT serves as the associate architect
for this effort in collaboration with Studio Gang.

The new Embassy combines indoor and outdoor life, seamlessly integrating the architecture and the landscape to capitalize upon the pleasant local climate, promote a healthy lifestyle on the compound, and to enhance daily life by connecting people with their environment. The design communicates a welcoming sense of openness, light, and optimism—both within the compound and around the perimeter—by coupling the unique qualities of Brazilian modernism, marked by robust materiality and bold structural expression, with the highest level of American ingenuity and innovation.



Images provided by Studio Gang


Brasilia, Brazil




Studio Gang


US Department of State, OBO


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