US Consulate Campus

The design contrasts traditional and modern elements of Mexican architecture to create a timeless design anchored to the location and culture. Sawn and dressed field stone is a unifying element in the access pavilions, perimeter and retaining walls, and consular building tying the buildings to the earth. The Consular Office Building contrasts with the stone structures using rain screen cladding of metal panels, metal mesh decorative screens, and applied metal sun shades. Large canopies and generous overhangs create pockets of deep shade consistent with traditional and modern Mexican architectural vocabulary.

Terraced storm water retention ponds capture and manage storm water runoff on site. Reduction of on-site paving minimizes run-off. Sunshades and overhangs protect the windows from low sun angles and direct solar gain, and a 200 kVa photovoltaic array shades the parking structure. An accessible green roof terrace captures storm water and reduces solar gain.


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Monterrey, Mexico



276,725 SF


Yates Construction


U.S. Department of State, OBO




• Architecture
• Sustainable Design
• Security
• Construction Administration
• Interior Design
• Programming