US Beet Sugar Association Interior Renovation

The US Beet Sugar (USBS) Association, representing member organizations of the US farmer beet sugar processing groups, sought a new headquarter office space with closer proximity to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The paramount programming requirement was a new conference room capable of accommodating 35 members and guests from the US Congress and other federal agencies. 

As the design partner, KCCT delivered a compressed design and construction schedule of six months. Based on the suite’s configuration, lighting was borrowed from the exterior glazing by introducing a continuous glass clerestory, which yielded a bright, open space. Architectural detailing and finish selections were sleek and neutral in palette.

The design team established as a display a portion of the client's extensive library devoted to books on the story, science, and legislation of the US sugar industry, agri-business, and farm commodity industry. 



Washington, DC


2,000 SF


U.S. Beet Sugar Association


• Architecture
• Interior Design