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Washington, DC (January 2024)



KCCT is pleased to announce the new licensure of Andrew Ashcraft and certifications of Baheshta Azizi, Lydia Ford, Angela Hernandez, Andrea Nichols, and Tara Tiano.

Andrew Ashcraft, a designer for KCCT’s international studio, has successfully completed his Architect Registration Examination and is now a licensed architect. Andrew plays an integral role in large embassy campus delivery for projects in Brasilia and Casablanca, as well as security upgrade projects to include Warsaw. His specializations span intricate construction detailing, design studies, and project visualizations.

Baheshta Azizi, a designer in KCCT's international studio, achieved her LEED Green Associate Certification. Baheshta envisions architecture as a powerful interdisciplinary tool to change lives by recognizing and solving environmental and social challenges. She connects art and architecture as a catalyst to uplift and is a strong advocate for just and humane design. Baheshta is involved in KCCT’s Sustainability and Wellness Committee as the Librarian for study material.

Lydia Ford, an interior designer within KCCT’s interior studio, has achieved certification by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification. She hones her design approach with the intent to both excite her clients and inspire them in their new spaces and was integral to the recent delivery of the newly opened Embassy of Australia in Washington, DC. Lydia’s emphasis on wellness, sustainability, and functionality drives her to apply creative solutions while bringing each client’s vision to life.

Angela Hernandez, an interior designer within KCCT’s Interiors Studio, received her LEED Green Associate Certification. Angela’s design solutions enable her end users to fluidly navigate their daily processes for either the work or home environment. She brings a passion for sustainable design in the interior-built environment to KCCT's Interiors Studio. Angela is the Chair of KCCT’s Sustainability and Wellness Committee.

Andrea Nichols, a designer at KCCT, earned her LEED Green Associate Certification. She leverages a diverse portfolio consisting of commercial, residential, and federal projects. As an advocate for sustainable practices, Andrea is passionate about encouraging future education regarding building science and how the built environment affects the earth. Andrea holds the Calendar Czar position in KCCT’s Sustainability and Wellness Committee.

Tara Tiano, an interior designer within KCCT’s interior studio, attained her National Council for Interior Design Qualification. Her detail-oriented design approach is crucial to helping her clients realize their goals and identify new solutions for their projects. Mindful of the amount of time that people spend in the workplace, she weighs end-user considerations at every stage to create the best possible environment for each of her projects.

Firm History

Washington, DC-based KCCT is a multidisciplinary design firm focused on planning, architecture, and interior design in urban environments. The firm’s unique practice features a regional portfolio ranging from historic preservation to institutional and commercial designs. With nearly 40 years of experience in international design, KCCT also brings a global perspective to our work with diplomatic, military, and transportation projects in over 185 cities abroad. KCCT’s values are innovative design, technical quality, and an unwavering dedication to service.




Maggie Simpson, Director of Marketing
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