Marine Security Guard Residence

This two-story residence symmetrically sited behind the iconic Embassy Chancery provides a large living, recreation and support area on the ground floor and a bedroom area off a single loaded corridor on the second floor with bedrooms facing north to the Gulf of Oman. The siting and shape of the residence engage the existing garden pavilion as a shared common space. Living areas open onto a fabric shaded garden pavilion to support outdoor embassy social events. Using the existing vocabulary of bi-chromatic Mankato limestone and granite walls, articulated precast tie beams and lintels, castellated parapets and fabric canopies, the design complements the landmark embassy with respect for the architectural tradition of Oman. 

Solar gain is controlled using an east-west orientation coupled with solidly massed stair shafts flanking the living and sleeping areas on the east and west façades. A super-insulated protected membrane roof with light colored pavers reflects sunlight. Glazing is minimized on the south and protected with fabric shades or canopies on east, south, and west façades. The generous use of glazing in bedrooms on the north façade offers spectacular views over the Gulf. Solar hot water, low flow fixtures, and occupancy sensors minimize energy and water consumption.






Muscat, Oman


8,168 SM


U.S. Department of State, OBO




• Architecture
• Master Planning
• Security