Employee Spotlight: Helen Vetter


Helen Vetter is an ID Designer at KCCT. With 10 years of experience Helen has a broad portfolio in embassies, corporate offices, secure buildings, grocery stores, entertainment and hospitality, laboratories, and single- and multi-family residential. Helen has always had a passion for interiors since she was a child. She would watch interior design shows and play the Sims to build and decorate houses.

Helen prioritizes client satisfaction throughout each project on which she is engaged, and views this as the key metric for project success. She approaches sustainability as a critical consideration and responsibility of all designers in order to shape the future not only through the spaces that are created, but the ways in which they are created.

What made you want to be an ID Designer? 

I’ve always had a passion for interiors; when I was a kid, I liked to watch interior design shows and would only play the Sims to build and decorate the houses. As an adult, I recognize the difference that well-designed spaces can make in people’s lives and feel designers have a profound responsibility to shape a better future through our work.


How has KCCT helped you in your career development?

KCCT has given me the opportunity to work on stunning and important projects in sectors that I’ve never worked in previously. KCCT’s head of interiors has been a remarkable mentor; she has given me the support and freedom to take ownership of my projects, helping me grow as a designer and professional.


What project are you most proud of at KCCT? 

I am so proud of KCCT’s new office! It has been one of my favorite projects to have worked on throughout my career, and I think it is going to be the perfect background for KCCT’s upcoming return to the office.


What is the most important bit of information about you that you would want a client to know?

As a designer I am adept at working on a multitude of project types and design styles; I shape the design around the client’s goals and use my skills as a professional to help them achieve a stunning and functional end result! 


If you had to pick one strength you bring to the team, what would it be?

Fresh ideas.


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