Appraisal Foundation Interior Office Renovation

The Appraisal Foundation approached KCCT to upgrade their new office space with a design that demonstrates the vibrancy and national presence of the congressionally authorized Washington, DC nonprofit organization. The Foundation’s objective was to brand the entry sequence using furniture and finishes at the reception area, conference room, and adjacent hallways. The intended outcome was to showcase the Foundation’s services when hosting international delegates and key valuation professionals.

The design draws inspiration from the organization’s collection of publication materials, with a connection to the visuals of the international and Swiss styles of graphic design. Notably, this movement creates a synergy with the mission of the Foundation, prioritizing objectivity, progressiveness, and a focus on language. The resulting conceptual strategies represent these principles through the bold use of color, pure geometry, and grid-like patterning. The application of the grid motif in accent walls is adapted to include diagonal lines that reflect DC’s street network, affording the suite a distinct sense of place.

The overall design creates a gallery atmosphere to elevate publication materials and branding through changes in scale and display.



Washington, DC


The Appraisal Foundation


• Interior Design