Jho Mission

Senior Architect


As a senior architect for KCCT, Jho Mission's design approach is characterized by his involvement in the full lifecycle of his projects, from inception to occupancy and, where necessary, post-occupancy. He has honed his acute understanding of each phase of the design and construction management process through his 33 years of cross-disciplinary coordination experience, enabling him to troubleshoot potential issues and craft innovative solutions for each of his projects. He has designed and managed architectural, interior design, and master planning projects both domestically and internationally, including working directly with clients to deliver design charrettes.

Jho's diverse portfolio spans federal government and Department of Defense, hospitality, high-rise office building, mixed-use and multi-family, and master planning projects.

Years of Industry Experience

Bachelor of Science, Architecture, La Consolacion, Philippines

Professional Licenses, Certifications, Memberships, and Associations
Registered Architect (UAP)