Chris Rose

Senior Designer


Christopher Rose's classified project delivery acumen supports both KCCT's domestic and international studios. He has managed submittals, multidisciplinary integration, and construction administration for over a million square feet of mission-critical facility design for KCCT's US Government clients, specializing in operations centers and training venues for both hard and soft skills on secure federal campuses. An active member of KCCT's Revit Committee, Christopher is instrumental in establishing and maintaining best practices for a range of 3D and BIM interfaces. Prior to joining KCCT, he honed his design expertise in the transit sector, with particular emphasis on airports and military aircraft hangars.

Years of Industry Experience

Master of Architecture | The Catholic University of America
Bachelor of Science, Architecture | The Catholic University of America

Professional Licenses, Certifications, Memberships, and Associations
American Institute of Architects, Associate Member