Ariel Santiago

Senior Designer


Ariel Santiago is a design professional in KCCT's international studio with a diverse practice experience that allows him to be a part of all phases of the design process from concept to construction. He leverages his technical knowledge of the construction phase by incorporating it into the design process at the outset. Ariel's portfolio encompasses residential, commercial, corporate offices, historic restoration/preservation, healthcare, and government projects, with a primary focus on projects that have a social and cultural impact in the community.

Ariel works directly with KCCT principals, senior architects, and designers on international and local projects to develop service proposals, design and develop construction documents, and coordinate with multi-disciplinary teams. Four of his projects have received AIA recognition, winning the 2020 AIA NOVA Merit Award, the 2020 AIA DC Urban Design Award, the 2011 AIA Puerto Rico Honor Award, and the 2010 AIA Puerto Rico Honorable Mention Award, respectively. His projects have also received recognition in ArchDaily, Archinect, Architecture DC Magazine, and Architect Magazine. 

Ariel perceives one of the most critical issues for architects in today's rapidly changing world to be the ability to adapt their design approaches and continuously evolve to address emerging challenges such as security, technology, health, and climate change while maintaining aesthetics, user comfort, and building performance. He developed his approach as a design-oriented architect in his native country of Puerto Rico, where he learned to reconcile the technical aspects of design with building aesthetics. Outside of work, Ariel's interests include reading, drawing, building scale models, and good food and beer. 

Years of Industry Experience

Professional Bachelor of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico