Homayra Mahjoob

Director of Visual Communications


As KCCT's leader in firm-wide visual communication, Homayra delivers winning and original graphic design solutions to elevate branding communications, promote KCCT's unique capabilities, and advance the firm's profile in the marketplace. Her design responsibilities include graphics creation for all marketing materials, including qualifications packages, proposals, brochures, board displays, and communication in support of KCCT's overall mission. With over 27 years of experience in visual graphic design, Homayra draws inspiration from the creative interplay between graphic, architectural, and interior design. She is recognized as the standard-bearer for unique design without sacrificing continuity and the brand story.

Homayra's expertise is widely acclaimed in the industry, and she has been the recipient of design awards from the YMCA Gala, the First Solo Exhibition in South Africa for the Johannesburg Expo Centre, the Ultimate of Art and Technology, and the 21st International Exhibition. In addition to her industry awards, her work has been featured in multiple publications and forums, including ArchitectureDC, the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum (DIA), Grace OrmondeThe Knot, and Metro Detroit.

Homayra received her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Architecture and Art in Tehran and an Associate of Art Publication Design from Mott College in Michigan.

Years of Industry Experience

Bachelor of Graphic Art, Architecture and Art University, Tehran
Associate of Art Publication Design for Print, PMS, Pantone Matching System: Printing, Graphic Design, Technology, Mott College

Professional Licenses, Certifications, Memberships, and Associations
American Institute of Graphic Arts, Professional Association for Design
Society for Marketing Professionals
Business Development for the AEC Industry, Certification   
Foundations of Proposal Management, Certification