Wheaton Plaza Parking Structure

This 1,000 car parking structure was designed and constructed in two phases. The initial phase included demolition, site preparation, a retaining wall and ring road construction. The second phase provided a pedestrian bridge, a vehicular bridge, and the garage facility.

The brick-clad garage is a five-story post-tensioned reinforced concrete structure with a sloped deck 62' x 29' bay system. Vehicular access is provided at opposite corners of the building at the lower and upper floors respectively. Entrances are three lanes each with automated fare collection and a reversible center lane.

The principal pedestrian access is a 130' pedestrian bridge spanning Viers Mill Road, connecting to the Wheaton Bus Facility and the Metro Station. A defined walkway through the structure links Metro to Wheaton Plaza on the opposite side of the building.




Wheaton, MD


1,000 parking spaces


Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority




• Architecture
• Construction Administration