U.S. Embassy

Located in the Malé Strana District, Prague's historic core, the Schoenborn Palace was built between 1643 and 1656 and was later converted into a U.S. Diplomatic facility in the 1920s. The exterior preservation sought to renew the character and the integrity of the palace façades. Damaged by the effects of rising dampness, the stucco façade was restored to its original condition with a moisture dissipating stucco system that eliminates this kind of deterioration. The colors used on the façade were recreations based on samples taken from the original stucco. Restoration of the detailed ornamentation and caryatids that surround the fenestration and archways was integral to the success of the project. Subsequent projects included an accessibility survey, and installation of an external passenger/service elevator.



Prague, Czech Republic


95,000 SF


U.S. Department of State, OBO




• Architecture
• Master Planning
• Security
• Historic Preservation
• Construction Administration