Russell Senate Office Building Blue Ribbon Panel

The purpose of this essential inventory is to document, define and prioritize the historically and architecturally significant interior features and spaces of the building.  The significant areas and spaces are prioritized by four preservation zone classifications as defined by the Architect of the Capitol (AOC): 1) Restoration; 2) Rehabilitation Zone-1; 3) Rehabilitation Zone-2; 4) Renovation. The report documents significant architectural features of the interior spaces in Restoration Zones and Rehabilitation Zone-1. There are no Rehabilitation Zone 2 spaces in the Russell, and Renovation Zone spaces were outside of the project’s Scope of Work. Interior features and materials within the study areas are documented by room, with a detailed inventory itemizing each significant feature with photographs and descriptions, including its material, finish, and approximate date.  



Washington, DC


700,000 SF


Architect of the Capitol




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