Australian Embassy Temporary Chancery

As part of the approved plans for the replacement of The Embassy of Australia on its current site at Washington, DC’s Embassy Row Scott Circle location is the requirement to provide a temporary Chancery for the180 personnel.

KCCT, working in collaboration with Bates Smart Architects of Australia, the Master Architect for the New Chancery and swing space, is assisting in the production of the design documents for the temporary office space.

The program for the temporary Chancery includes 90,000 GSF of space to be distributed on multiple floors in a building near the site. The design requirements include public meeting space for diplomatic functions, security requirements and maintaining space plans that address required department adjacencies. Additional challenges are to develop and implement cost-effective solutions for furnishing the offices and tenant fit-out.

The swing space is to deliver in 2019 and will be occupied for a minimum of three years



Washington, DC


90,000 SF


Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


• Architecture
• Interior Design
• Programming