Archie Kinney



Archie Kinney's unique career trajectory and path to the field of architecture is the foundation of his design approach. As both a resident and student of Frank Lloyd Wright's The School of Architecture at Taliesin, he specialized in organic architecture and the development of a balanced, sustainable relationship between the natural and built environments. He gained an appreciation for architecture built with the land, supported by democratic principles, and flexible to programmatic needs. His approach prioritizes active design and is predicated upon encouraging users to take the extra step and rewarding them for it. He is an enthusiastic listener to each of his clients, operating in tandem with them as an irreplaceable team rather than a solo practitioner to deliver projects representative of that relationship.

Prior to his study of architecture, Archie served as a Non-Commissioned Officer for the Army National Guard in a supervisory capacity of enlisted soldiers for the US Army Corps of Engineers. Following his military tenure, he began his architectural study at Taliesin, fulfilling a deferred longtime goal after volunteering there as a teenager and visiting every notable project within biking distance. Archie's shelter "The Octahedron," designed and constructed at the Frank Lloyd Wright campus Arcosanti, was published in The Architect's Newspaper and the magazine Wallpaper, and is a built exploration of architectural pedagogy at the graduate level through the use of octahedral Froebel blocks. He channels his affinity for learning and agency as a designer toward causes about which he is most passionate, including affordable housing, urban gardens, and women's rights.

Years of Industry Experience

Master of Architecture, The School of Architecture
Bachelor of Science, Building Construction Management, University of Wisconsin-Platteville